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Uni-Coupler™ Spring-Loaded

Collision Sensors - Key Benefits

The Uni-Coupler™ Spring-Loaded Collision Sensor maximizes uptime in robotic applications when compressed air is not available.
The Uni-Coupler™ Collision Sensor is RAD's patented, spring-loaded, mechanical collision sensor that:
  • Stops the robot* in the event of a crash to minimize costly damage to the robot and/or tooling. RAD's collision sensor provides protection even if the robot itself is not moving.
  • Absorbs the crash energy by allowing up to 15º of deflection following a collision.
  • Automatically resets to within ± 0.002" (0.051mm) to maximize uptime and eliminate the need for human intervention.
  • Allows up to 0.040" (1.02mm) "give" in the coupling before the load sensing mechanism is activated (in compliant models) to avoid nuisance tripping.
Operating Principle
RAD's Uni-Coupler™ Collision Sensor is a spring-loaded mechanical device that signals your robot's E-stop or controller when the tooling encounters an obstruction. The lateral or vertical force applied during a collision opens a normally closed switch that sends the "stop" signal.
Note: The Uni-Coupler™ Collision Sensor can be used as a compliance device by installing the unit without connecting the sensor switch.
* can also be used on linear actuators, pick & place machines, and other automated equipment.

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