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OmniForce Deburring ToolHigh-Angle Collision Sensor2 Jaw Square Brute GrippersRAD Collision Sensor in Action
Spring-Loaded Compliance DevicePneumatic Collision Sensor3 Jaw Square Brute GrippersRAD OmniForce Deburring Tool in Action
Tool ChangerSpring Assist Collision SensorCollet GrippersRAD Grippers in Action
Compliance DeviceStainless Steel Collision SensorMiniature GrippersRAD Grippers in Action
OmniForce Deburring ToolSpring Loaded Collision SensorHarsh Environment GrippersRAD Collet Gripper in Action
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Collision Sensors - Overview

Robotic Collision Sensors mechanically detect when the robot arm* has encountered an obstruction, absorb the crash energy and quickly stop the robot to prevent costly damage to the robot arm and tooling.
Please view the Pneumatic Comparison Chart to quickly see all the RAD Collision Sensor Pneumatic Models in one convenient table.


Ultimatic Pneumatic Collision Sensor Pneumatic
RAD's Ultimatic™ Robotic Collision Sensor features a repeatability of 0.0005" (0.013mm) and allows the user to easily adjust the amount of resistance the unit must overcome before stopping the system.
Ultimatic Pneumatic High-Angle Collision Sensor Pneumatic High-Angle
RAD's High-Angle Ultimatic™ Robotic Collision Sensor provides the excellent repeatability and features of the original Ultimatic™ Robotic Collision Sensor and 63% additional angular compliance to help prevent costly damage to the robot and/or tooling even when the robot is running at higher rates of speed.
Pneumatic Spring Assist Collision Sensor Pneumatic Spring-Assist
RAD's Spring-Assist Ultimatic™ Robotic Collision Sensor has the ability to handle nearly double the payload of our standard pneumatic collision sensor model with NO increase in footprint!
Pneumatic Stainless Steel Collision Sensor Pneumatic Stainless Steel
RAD's Stainless Ultimatic™ Robotic Collision Sensor has all the features and benefits of our standard pneumatic collision sensor model but with the added benefit of a stainless steel construction that enables it to be used in caustic, clean room, and food handling environments.
Uni-Coupler Spring-Loaded Collision Sensor Spring-Loaded
RAD's Uni-Coupler™ Robotic Collision Sensor provides crash protection when compressed air is not available.
Note: RAD's original pneumatic robotic collision sensor, the Versa-Matic™, has been discontinued for new application sales but is still supported for maintenance and replacement purposes. Please refer to Legacy Products for more details.
*NOTE: RAD Robotic Collision Sensors can also be used on robot arms, linear actuators, pick & place machines and other automated equipment.

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