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OmniForce Deburring ToolHigh-Angle Collision Sensor2 Jaw Square Brute GrippersRAD Collision Sensor in Action
Spring-Loaded Compliance DevicePneumatic Collision Sensor3 Jaw Square Brute GrippersRAD OmniForce Deburring Tool in Action
Tool ChangerSpring Assist Collision SensorCollet GrippersRAD Grippers in Action
Compliance DeviceStainless Steel Collision SensorMiniature GrippersRAD Grippers in Action
OmniForce Deburring ToolSpring Loaded Collision SensorHarsh Environment GrippersRAD Collet Gripper in Action
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Product Support -
Payment Terms

Before shipping your requested RAD product , we must receive guarantee of payment.
RAD accepts the following forms of payment:
  • Valid Purchase Order
  • Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express)
  • Cash on Delivery (C.O.D.)
  • Pre-payment (required for international orders)
Those providing a valid purchase order prior to shipment will receive an invoice from RAD with expected payment Net 30.
If you wish to place an order for a RAD end-effector product, please Place an Order.



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