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OmniForce Deburring ToolHigh-Angle Collision Sensor2 Jaw Square Brute GrippersRAD Collision Sensor in Action
Spring-Loaded Compliance DevicePneumatic Collision Sensor3 Jaw Square Brute GrippersRAD OmniForce Deburring Tool in Action
Tool ChangerSpring Assist Collision SensorCollet GrippersRAD Grippers in Action
Compliance DeviceStainless Steel Collision SensorMiniature GrippersRAD Grippers in Action
OmniForce Deburring ToolSpring Loaded Collision SensorHarsh Environment GrippersRAD Collet Gripper in Action
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Automatic Tool Changers

RAD Robotic Tool Changers allow robots* the flexibility to change end-effectors (e.g. grippers, vacuum cup tooling, pneumatic and electric motors, deburring tools, weld guns, etc.) and other peripheral tooling automatically during a manufacturing or assembly process much as a human is capable of operating different tools.
Robotic Tool Changers consist of two mating parts (a master and a tool) that have been designed to lock together automatically. The master side of the tool changer mounts to the robot; the tool side of the tool changer mounts to the tooling (e.g. grippers, deburring tools, etc.). 


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RAD Automatic Robotic Tool Changers are flexible, offering the ability to use more than one robotic end-effector efficiently in an application.


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