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Burs ready to be deburred by the RAD deburring tool Whether you want to remove burs using a multi-axis robot, cartesian robot, linear actuator, gantry system, or other automated equipment, RAD’s new line of deburring tools will provide the answer.

RAD’s economical solution provides you the choice of an air motor option (DT-A390) or a high-speed electric spindle motor option (DT-E400). Both units provide variable speed and 360˚ of uniform radial compliance to accommodate part and path variations without requiring changes in robot orientation.

The designed-in flexibility allows you to use one tool for a variety of materials and burs - saving you money and programming time. Plus, each unit comes with a unique Mounting Saddle that is easily adjustable in your choice of 5 mounting angles and provides three commonly used ISO bolt patterns for even greater flexibility.

To see this new line of tools, watch our Deburring In Action Videos now!

E-400 Deburring Tool

To put the A-390 or E-400 (shown above) to work for you, call us at 937-667-5705 or send us an email today. After all, with a complete deburring solution like this, you can’t afford to waste another minute!


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