How RAD’s Pneumatic Compliant Deburring Tools Save Clients Money & Provide Greater Flexibility

February 21, 2020by RAD0

In the past, deburring processes—in which excess material on parts is removed—needed to be done through manual labor. Deburring tools weren’t designed to perform well in automated processes, and those that did make it onto the automation line failed to compensate for part differences. These early deburring devices lead to inconsistent part quality, increased programming time, higher safety risk, and more material waste for companies.

Today, pneumatic compliant deburring tools for robots have changed all this. These tools make the automated deburring process safer, more dependable, and cost-effective with consistent force and minimal programming. The money these tools save clients, combined with the flexibility they provide, makes them an ideal addition for automated processes that require deburring. How do RAD’s tools accomplish this?

Compensates for Part Irregularities

Pneumatic compliant deburring tools from RAD allow clients to maximize their machine performance. By compensating for part irregularities during the deburring process without damaging the part, these tools increase uptime and reduce cost from wasted material, machine downtime, and programming adjustments.

Our deburring tools accommodate variations in objects through 360-degree uniform radial compliance, meaning clients won’t have to make changes in the robot’s orientation via programming. The deburring pressure applied against the object is easily adjustable through either manual or programmable pneumatic regulation.

Variable Speed for More Applications

Deburring ToolRAD’s deburring tools deliver greater flexibility through variable speeds, allowing our clients to use the device on different materials. These devices save clients money by preventing them from having to purchase numerous tools to accomplish similar tasks, even among various parts. Fixed RPM motors can’t provide this level of flexibility for different applications.

Pneumatic compliant deburring tools can also be mounted in five different angles so you can fully take advantage of this device for a variety of materials, and it can even be pedestal-mounted for even greater flexibility. Each of the speeds allows for a quiet run time with minimal vibration and the option of using less than 90 psi air pressure.

Save Time With Programming

As a result of our deburring tool’s ability to accommodate variances in parts, clients won’t need to program as many path points for the device, saving valuable time. The device easily adapts to variations between the robot and the tool, so programmers have less work to do, allowing our clients to invest their resources back into their company.

Easily adjustable when necessary, programmers can save time spent on multiple applications where traditional deburring tools would need to be continuously adjusted based on part differences. Our deburring devices don’t exactly follow the part, allowing it to adapt to these deviations with consistent force and results.

Need Deburring Tools? We’ve Got You Covered

As deburring technology takes its place in automation, RAD’s pneumatic compliant deburring device provides greater flexibility and other benefits that manual tools can’t offer. Our device delivers on the precision companies need to maximize machine performance and save money. Check out our variable-speed, radially complaint OmniForce™ tool for your deburring processes today!



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