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Production Up 300% With RAD’s New Collet Gripper

May 22, 2017by RAD0

Chromalloy Nevada (a manufacturer of jet aircraft engine vanes and blades), was one of the first to purchase RAD’s C-8800 Heavy Duty 5C Collet Gripper. With 8X the grip force of the previously used RAD C-8700 Collet Gripper, the C-8800 allowed Chromalloy to increase their production 300% by enabling them to redesign their wax molds to hold three molds per tree vs. the original one mold per tree. 

Pick & Place Precisely on Either the O.D. or I.D. with RAD’s C-8800 Collet Gripper!

Rapidly Pick and Place your uniformly sized objects with a RAD C-8800 Collet Gripper! Unique design enables the collet to grip your part on either the outside diameter (O.D.) or inside diameter (I.D.). Pneumatically adjustable 360° clamping force enables rapid part transfer and allows efficient handling of a wide variety of parts from lightweight delicate parts to heavy more rugged parts. The C-8800 Collet Gripper can also function as a workholding device for grinding, deburring, or polishing operations.



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