Automatic Reset
RAD’s Spring-Assist Ultimatic™ Collision Sensor automatically returns to its starting position once it has been separated from the source of collision. The mechanical piston within the collision sensor absorbs the crash energy without releasing the air pressure. Since the air pressure is not released, there is no need for someone to manually reset the unit.

Precise Repeatability
Following a collision, the Spring-Assist Ultimatic™ Collision Sensor consistently returns to within ±0.0005″ / 0.013mm (x, y & z) and ±0.017º (rotationally) of its original position.

RAD’s Spring-Assist Ultimatic™ Collision Sensor provides angular (X), rotational (Y) and compressive (Z) compliance to minimize potential damage to the robot or tooling should a collision occur. See product specification sheets for more detail.

Dynamically Variable
The force, moment, and torque resistance of the Ultimatic™ Collision Sensor is pneumatically controlled using a regulator and your robot’s logic and valve system. By using a programmable air regulator, the collision sensor can be easily adjusted to respond to as many interim load levels as you choose to install.

Adjustable Pre-Trip Compliance (Switch Sensitivity)
RAD’s Ultimatic™ Collision Sensor has a compliance adjustment feature that allows the user to determine the amount of deflection allowed before a signal is sent to stop the robot. The switch sensitivity is factory set at 0.050″ (1.3 mm) axial compliance and can be adjusted up to 0.100″ (2.5mm)*. Please note that the angular compliance at the end of the tool will be significantly greater.

Quick Response Time
The Spring-Assist Ultimatic™ will detect a collision within 4 – 10ms and send a signal to the robot’s E-stop or controller. The speed of impact, air pressure, and compliance adjustment will affect the response time.

Crash Energy Absorption
RAD’s Spring-Assist Ultimatic™ Collision Sensor adds springs that, together with the pneumatic piston, absorbs the crash energy. The pneumatic piston and springs prevent tooling sag caused by loss of air pressure and also prevent compressed air from being released into the environment.

Tooling Sag Reduction
The Spring-Assist Ultimatic™ maintains some resistance even with no air pressure thus reducing tooling sag if air pressure is lost.

UL Approved
RAD’s Ultimatic™ Collision Sensor is an Underwriters Laboratory certified component under “robotic and robotic equipment” standard UL 1740.

The Ultimatic™ Collision Sensor was designed with durability in mind. The body is constructed of anodized aluminum and internal contact surfaces are made of hardened tool steel.

The Ultimatic™ Collision Sensor can be mounted in any orientation. RAD recommends the small diameter be mounted to the robot to minimize wear on the cables.

Quick Connected
The Spring-Assist Ultimatic™ is wired with a quick connect connector allowing the collision sensor to be removed or changed without having to rewire it to the controller.

Maintenance Free
The Ultimatic™ Collision Sensor is pre-adjusted at the factory and normally requires no maintenance.

Should a repair be necessary, most components of the Ultimatic™ Collision Sensor can be replaced or repaired in the field to minimize downtime.


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