Automatic Reset
The Uni-Coupler™ Spring-Loaded Collision Sensor automatically returns to its starting position once the obstruction that caused the deflection (crash) has been removed. This feature eliminates the need for someone to manually reset the unit.


Precise Repeatability
Following a collision, the Uni-Coupler™ Collision Sensor consistently returns to within ±0.002″ (0.051mm), as measured at the mounting flange, of its original position.


Crash Energy Absorption
The Uni-Coupler™ Collision Sensor uses a mechanical piston that absorbs the crash energy and prevents tooling sag.


Simple Switching Mechanism
The Uni-Coupler’s™ simple switching mechanism eliminates the need for tedious adjustment of proximity and mechanical switches.

The Uni-Coupler™ Collision Sensor was designed with durability in mind. It is constructed of tough nylon-graphite composite with an aluminum mounting flange and is reinforced at critical points to prevent fatigue or sag.

Maintenance Free
The Uni-Coupler™ Collision Sensor is pre-adjusted at the factory and normally requires no maintenance.

Should a repair be necessary, most components of the Uni-Coupler™ Collision Sensor can be replaced or repaired in the field to minimize downtime.


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