The following options are available to optimize the Uni-Coupler™ Spring-Loaded Collision Sensor for your particular environment or application:

Compliant and Non-Compliant Models
The Uni-Coupler™ Collision Sensor is available in both compliant and non-compliant models. Units with compliance allow up to 0.040″ (1.02mm) of “give” in the coupling before the load sensing mechanism is tripped. Models with compliance are recommended for most applications to avoid nuisance tripping. Non-compliant models are sensitive to less than one degree of deflection.

Some Uni-Coupler™ Collision Sensors can be upgraded with outriggers to offer more collision protection within the same size unit.

Connections – Hard Wire or Quick Connect
Uni-Coupler™ Collision Sensors are available in either a hard wire or quick connector version (model 4418 is only available in hard wire). The quick connector version allows the collision sensor to be removed or changed without having to rewire to the controller.

Adapter Plates
Plates used to connect the Uni-Coupler™ Collision Sensor to the robot or end-effector are available to help you easily install your new collision sensor.

Dust Bellows
Dust Bellows protect the collision sensor when it is used in harsh environments such as welding, grinding, painting, or machining applications. RAD stocks two styles of bellows:

* For welding and high heat applications – aluminum coated nylon bellows that are flame retardant and offer a 95% reflective heat property.
* For contaminated or dirty environments – Buna-N coated nylon bellows that are resistant to most oils, greases and hydrocarbons and offer good abrasion resistance.

High-Flex Cables
High-flex cables are available for those applications involving constant twisting and flexing motions.

Robotic Tool Changers
Automatic Robotic Tool Changers allow you to maximize the productivity of your robot by enabling it to perform multiple operations without human intervention.


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