Pneumatic Lock-up
RAD’s Compliance Device features standard pneumatic ‘lock up’ to prevent the device from floating during rapid transport (eliminates time spent waiting for the part to settle before insertion). It is used to disable the compliance when it’s not needed.

Rotational & Lateral Compliance
RAD’s Pneumatic Compliance Device allows both rotational and lateral movement or “float” to compensate for positional variances within the production process.

PLEASE NOTE: If you require axial (“Z” axis) or angular compliance, as well as rotational, the Ultimatic™ Collision Sensor can be used as a compliance device in some cases.

Variable Resistance
The Pneumatic Compliance Device can be operated at low or no pressure for smooth compliance, or at higher pressure for the self-centering and rigidity needed for exact positioning.

Moderate Insertion Force
RAD’s Pneumatic Compliance Device is ideal for applications requiring moderate insertion forces since it offers no compression in the “Z” axis and low lateral resistance.

Positive Stops
RAD’s Pneumatic Compliance Device offers positive stops to protect against overload in any direction.

RAD’s Pneumatic Compliance Device was designed with durability in mind. The body is constructed of black anodized aluminum and steel. Heavy-duty thrust bearings on hardened surfaces provide long life and superior wear resistance. The pneumatic pistons used in RAD’s Compliance Devices to create the force resistance offer greater durability than the elastomers used in most competing devices.

Dynamic Variability
RAD’s Pneumatic Compliance Device is pneumatically controlled using a regulator and your robot’s* logic and valve system. By using a programmable air regulator, the external force required to offset the top plate can be dynamically changed.

No Maintenance Required
RAD’s Pneumatic Compliance Device is pre-adjusted at the factory and normally requires no maintenance.

Should a repair be necessary, most components of RAD’s Pneumatic Compliance Device can be replaced or repaired in the field to minimize downtime.


* Can also be used on linear actuators, pick & place machines, and other automated equipment.


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