Key Benefits

RAD’s Spring-Loaded Compliance (Alignment) Devices lower your robotic maintenance and administrative costs by allowing you to:

  • Reduce robot* programming time
  • Open up part tolerances
  • Decrease scrap
  • Increase assembly speed
  • Minimize part and tool damage caused by contact forces
  • Reduce downtime and machine wear caused by parts jamming and wedging

RAD’s Spring-Loaded Compliance (Alignment) Device:

  • Compensates for positional misalignment
  • Is compliant in X and Y axes, radially (laterally), as well as rotationally
  • Provides precise centering
  • Offers no compression in the z axis – making it ideal for applications requiring moderate insertion forces through the center line of unit

Assembly Operations

  • Positioning on an assembly line
  • Aligning molds
  • Locating parts in machines

Insertion Operations

  • Placing washers, fans, or gears onto shafts
  • Inserting bearings into drive assemblies

Operating Principle
RAD’s Compliance Devices provide allowances for both lateral and rotational misalignments. This compliancy allows parts to automatically align themselves upon striking a lead-in chamfer or tapered guide. RAD Compliance Devices function through a series of bearings and pneumatic pistons.

* can also be used on linear actuators, pick & place machines, and other automated equipment.


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