Application Guidelines
For best results, a lead chamfer on parts and fixtures is recommended to act as a guide during insertion.

Model Selection
RAD would be pleased to assist you in sizing your application to determine the most effective Spring-Loaded Compliance (Alignment) Device to meet your needs.

Please call us at (937) 667-5705 or e-mail us at with the following information:

  • Total payload (include weight of tooling, adapter plates, and part)
  • Center of gravity in each direction – x, y, and z – in inches or millimeters
  • Acceleration of robot (inches/second2 or millimeter/second2)
  • Environmental factors that apply (high heat, dirty or contaminated environment, etc.)
  • Additional insertion or torsional forces
  • Orientation of unit

NOTE: Can also be used on linear actuators, pick & place machines, and other automated equipment.


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