The built-in, pneumatically adjustable 360° of radial spindle compliance:

  • Produces smooth cutting surface quality around circles and radiused edges without changing the tool orientation thus simplifying programming
  • Compensates for differences in part and path tolerances as well as part shrinkage and expansion
  • Enables high feed rates while maintaining consistent quality
  • Shortens programming time by allowing the programming of fewer path points since the Compliant Deburring Tool will accommodate for deviations between the robot path and tool edge
  • Improves tool performance by reducing bur loading and increasing cutter life

Dynamically Variable Cutting Force
The cutting force of the Compliant Deburring Tool is pneumatically controlled using a regulator and your system’s logic and valve system. By varying the air pressure, the deburring tool can be easily adjusted from 13 to 75 N (3 to 17 lbf) to increase the cutting force in areas having larger burrs or where more material must be removed.

The high torque, variable-speed, vane-type air motor of RAD’s Compliant Deburring Tool enables you to use the tool on multiple applications and/or materials by simply adjusting the air pressure.

RAD’s Compliant Deburring Tool utilizes a vane-type air motor allowing you the option to use air pressure of less than 90psi without the motor stall typically associated with single speed air turbine-type motors.

Extended Reach
A spindle nose extension comes standard with the Compliant Deburring Tool to enable you to deburr even those hard-to-reach places.

Low Noise
RAD’s Compliant Deburring Tool has a quiet 0.52 hp (390W) motor that runs quietly and smoothly at a low ≈77 dBa noise level.

Mounting Saddle
A Mounting Saddle is included as part of the RAD Deburring Tool for your convenience and ease in installing your new tool. Three standard mounting patterns are included on the saddle (ISO 40mm, 50mm, and 63mm). Blank mounting plates or Custom Adapter Plates can be provided upon request.

Standard Mounting Patterns

Mounting saddle is easily adjustable to your choice of 5 angles (0,±45°, ±90°) for complete flexibility – including the ability to fully utilize your robot’s 6th axis. (Deburring Tool can also be pedestal mounted).

View 5 Mounting Angles

Coolant / Debris Guards
The Deburring Tool features a protective rubber boot, enabling you to use the device in applications where coolant is present without compromising unit life.

Minimal Maintenance Required
The Compliant Deburring Tool uses filtered and oiled compressed air to power its air motor. A Filter Regulator Lubricator (FRL) is required for maximum motor life.

Collet Size Options
RAD’s Compliant Deburring Tools use standard ¼” or 6mm bits for use with off-the-shelf industrial burs. Burs should be rated for use in under 20,000 RPM operation. Other size Collets available upon request.

RAD Compliant Deburring Tools can be used on robot arms, cartesian robots, linear actuators, CNC holders, gantry systems, and other automated equipment or can be pedestal mounted. This flexibility gives you the option of having your automated system bring the Deburring Tool to the part or the part to the Deburring Tool.


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