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To help you get the most benefit from your Compliant Deburring Tool, RAD offers the following information:

  • To assure maximum motor life, the compressed air used to power the air motor must be filtered and oiled in accordance with motor manufacturer recommendations. Filter Regulator Lubricators are available from RAD.
  • The Compliant Deburring Tool with Air Motor requires two air lines – one to operate the spindle and one to apply compliance force to the floating motor/spindle assembly. By adjusting the compliance air, the resistance (or ‘tool pressure’) can be varied. Increasing compliance air increases bur force for greater material removal rates.
  • In order to compensate for tolerances, the robot should be programmed so that the bur (spindle) of the Compliant Deburring Tool is always deflected out of zero position while in operation. The Compliant Deburring Tool should be used in “climb cutting” operation only.
  • If the burrs are very large the robot may need to be programmed to make two passes to achieve the result you desire – an initial pass with a low feed rate and high pressure on the problematic burr and a second pass to finish with all the other edges.
  • Material removal results depend on:
    • Size, shape, and condition of bur
    • Feed rate
    • Air pressure of compliance unit
    • Spindle speed
  • Feed rate depends on:
    • Material
    • Bur shape
    • Shape of part
  • For maximum spindle life, programming should include spindle on/off control so that the spindle is only in operation when material removal is taking place.

RAD Compliant Deburring Tools can be used on robot arms, cartesian robots, linear actuators, CNC holders, gantry systems and other automated equipment or can be pedestal mounted. This flexibility gives you the option of having your automated system bring the Deburring Tool to the part or the part to the Deburring Tool.


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