Harsh Environment- Benefits

Information applies to gripper models AL-2000, AL-2100 and AL-2200, also known as Harsh Environment Grippers. This product cannot be sold outside of the United States.

RAD’s Harsh Environment (AL) Pneumatic Parallel Gripper offers:

  • 2 jaw parallel motion
  • durability – designed for use in very dirty or severe environments
  • double seals to protect the gripper from environmental contamination that could lead to failure
  • a purge system that is pressurized to clear away any debris that attempts to make its way under the slide bearings
  • accuracy – utilizes independent force and synchronization systems to assure precision

Operating Principle
RAD’s Harsh Environment Parallel Gripper operates through two independent systems – the gripping force is provided through two pneumatic pistons and the synchronization is provided through a double helix that centers the part to ±0.001″ (±0.025 mm). RAD’s Harsh Environment Parallel Gripper uses a linear bearing system that is constructed with advanced polymers to minimize weight and size. The torque and force capabilities are maintained over the life of the gripper due to the length of the bearing surface over which the loads are distributed.

NOTE: Pneumatic grippers are used on robots, robotic arms, linear actuators, pick & place machines, and other automated equipment.


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