Harsh Environment- Options

Information applies to gripper models AL-2000, AL-2100 and AL-2200, also known as Harsh Environment Grippers. This product cannot be sold outside of the United States.

The following options are available to optimize RAD’s Harsh Environment (AL) Pneumatic Parallel Gripper for your particular environment or application:

Sensor Systems

  • Inductive Proximity Sensor Kit – 4mm DC-Sourcing, PNP, 2M Cable
  • Inductive Proximity Sensor Kit – 4mm DC-Sinking, NPN, 2M Cable
  • Reed Switch Sensor Kit – SPST Normally Open, 9′ Cable
  • Hall Effect Sensor Kit DC – Sinking, NPN, 9′ Cable

Gripper Accessory Kits
Note: each kit includes a sensor and/or hardware to sense one position. Two kits are needed to handle both open and close. Accessory kits are field installable.

Accessory Kit Description
M-KIT-IND-SOUR Inductive-LED, DC Sourcing-PNP
M-KIT-IND-SINK Inductive-LED, DC Sinking-PNP
M-KIT-REED Reed-LED, MOV Protection
M-KIT-HALL-SINK Hall Effect, DC Sinking-NPN
M-KIT-HWO Hardware, Mounts any of the above
M-KIT-HWO-450-12mm* Hardware, Mounts 12mm prox.
M-KIT-U-Harsh-4mm 4mm Tubing
M-KIT-U-Harsh-6mm 6mm Tubing
M-KIT-AFS-450-26* Fail-Safe, Active

* available for model AL-2200 only

Active Fail Safe Accessory
Available for model AL-2200. The Active Fail Safe Accessory will assure that parts are not dropped should the pneumatic pressure fail. An encompassing jaw system or jaws with compliance must be used with this accessory. Some movement of the jaws will occur as pressure fails.

Adapter Plates
Plates used to connect RAD’s Harsh Environment Parallel Gripper to the robot are available to help you easily install your new gripper.

Collision Sensors
RAD’s Collision Sensors stop the robot and protect your valuable tooling in the event of a collision.

Robotic Tool Changers
Automatic Robotic Tool Changers allow you to maximize the productivity of your robot by enabling it to perform multiple operations without human intervention.

NOTE: Pneumatic grippers are used on robots, robotic arms, linear actuators, pick & place machines, and other automated equipment.


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