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Information applies to models P-6950, P-7000, P-7100, P-7150 and P-7200, also known as Long-Stroke Grippers. This product cannot be sold outside of the United States.

RAD’s Long-Stroke Pneumatic Parallel Gripper is designed for general-purpose or harsh environment use. Its tough materials and special manufacturing processes enable it to work well in a variety of environments including die casting, forging, and other tortuous environments. The slides are heat treated and tempered to assure that they will continue to operate where typical grippers fail.

RAD’s Long-Stroke Pneumatic Grippers offer:

  • 2 jaw parallel motion
  • Accuracy – utilizes independent force and synchronization systems to assure precision
  • A synchronous gripper style (non-synchronous, sequenced and quad-ported gripper styles are Optional on certain models)
  • A typical 10 million+ cycle life
  • Stroke lengths of 2.0 inches (50.8mm) to 6.0 inches (152.4mm)

New Product Upgrades on Models P-6950, P-7000 and P-7100
(Design changes DO NOT affect stroke length, mounting pattern or jaw dimensions)

Operating Principle
RAD’s Long Stroke Pneumatic Grippers operate through two independent systems: the gripping force is provided through two pneumatic pistons and the synchronization is provided through a patented double helix that centers the part to ±0.0010″ (±0.025mm).*

* When the synchronous gripper feature is chosen

NOTE: Pneumatic grippers are used on robots, robotic arms, linear actuators, pick & place machines, and other automated equipment.


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