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Information applies to models P-6950, P-7000, P-7100, P-7150 and P-7200, also known as Long-Stroke Grippers. This product cannot be sold outside of the United States.

Lifetime Lubricated
RAD’s Long-Stroke Pneumatic Gripper is made with a lifetime lubricant that enables the use of ‘dry air’ and is designed to last approximately 10 million cycles in typical applications.

RAD’s Long-Stroke Pneumatic Gripper is designed with durability in mind:

  • Body is hard coated to a Rc70 hardness for lasting durability
  • Cylinder bores are roller burnished and TFE impregnated to improve seal life and minimize friction
  • Pistons are ground and treated to minimize friction
  • The jaws (slides) are heat treated and tempered for long life

New Purge System and Porting for Redesigned P-6950, P-7000 & P-7100
Similar to RAD’s AL & PT grippers, the redesigned P-6950, P-7000, and P-7100 Long Stroke Grippers feature a purge system that allows a chamber under the slides to be pressurized. This positive pressure ejects foreign materials such as grinding dust and welding slag, making the grippers suitable for use in harsh environments. To simplify plumbing, the redesigned grippers have open and close ports at both ends as well as on the mounting side (top ports).

Maintenance Free
RAD’s Long-Stroke Pneumatic Gripper is designed to be maintenance free.

Field Repairable
Should a repair be necessary, most components of RAD’s Long-Stroke Pneumatic Gripper can be replaced or repaired in the field to minimize downtime.

NOTE: Pneumatic grippers are used on robots, robotic arms, linear actuators, pick & place machines, and other automated equipment.


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