Information applies to models P-3600, P-3700, P-3800 and P-3900.

RAD’s 3-Jaw Square Jaw Brute™ Parallel Gripper is designed for applications requiring three points of contact and, due to its high durability, works particularly well in harsh environments (for example grinding and deburring).

The 3-Jaw Square Jaw Brute™ offers:

  • 3 jaw parallel motion
  • flexibility of stroke
  • self-centering of parts
  • high grip force to moment ratio
  • positive pick & place
  • high clamping force for rapid part transfer
  • up to 340 lbs of grip force per jaw
  • durability – over 10 million cycles without failure

Operating Principle
RAD’s Square Jaw Brute™ Parallel Grippers are pneumatically operated, offering high grip force to moment ratio and synchronous jaw motion. The jaws remain synchronous and parallel to provide a consistent grip force through the range of the stroke. Grip force can be adjusted by varying the air pressure.


Pneumatic grippers are used on robots, robotic arms, linear actuators, pick & place machines, and other automated equipment.


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