RAD’s Pneumatic Collet Grippers offer:

  • precise picking and placing of parts that are uniform in size
  • high clamping force for rapid part transfer
  • precise centering of parts, ideal for grinding, deburring, etc.
  • 360º of clamping contact on the part
  • pneumatically adjustable gripping force
  • flexibility – hundreds of standard collet sizes available for cylindrical, square or hexagon shaped parts

Operating Principle
RAD’s Collet Grippers are pneumatically actuated collet holders used to automate gripping of parts that are uniform in size. Each model is designed to utilize industry standard collets – 1C, 3C or 5C types. A collet is simply threaded into the holder where a double-acting piston is actuated, forcing the collet to either open and extend or close and retract.

Note: Collet Grippers are best suited for applications where production parts have tight tolerances since collets are precisely manufactured for a particular part dimension.


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