360° of Clamping Contact
RAD’s Collet Grippers offer 360° of clamping contact for optimum friction gripping.

Even Pressure Distribution
Even distribution of pressure around a part’s circumference allows delicate or thin-walled parts to be handled without part deformation.

Precise Positioning
RAD’s Collet Grippers offer precise part centering to within 0.0005″ (0.013mm) of the collet’s original centered position.

Pneumatically Adjustable Grip Force
Pneumatically adjustable grip force allows handling of a wide variety of parts from lightweight, delicate items like thin-walled tubes to rugged, heavy parts like machined metal castings.

Fast Cycle Times
Fast gripper cycling allows for rapid part transfer.

Rotation Prevention
Locking alignment screw prevents collet from rotating during operation.

Narrow Profile
RAD’s Collet Grippers are designed with a slim nose ideal for reaching into narrow areas or where parts are nested tightly together.

RAD’s Collet Grippers use standard off-the-shelf industrial series 1C, 3C and 5C collets available with round, square, or hexagon shaped through-holes. Custom collet shapes can be special ordered. Expanding collets are also available for RAD’s Heavy-Duty 5C Collet Gripper, allowing any part with a hole to be gripped.

RAD’s Collet Grippers are designed with durability in mind. The casing is made of aluminum to minimize its overall weight while the collets and bushings are made of hardened steel for long life.

Easy Change-Out
RAD’s Collet Grippers enable easy change-out of collets for maximum uptime.

Positive alignment pilot included to improve concentricity of collet gripper to robot.

Minimal Maintenance
RAD’s Collet Grippers are factory lubricated prior to shipment. Periodic lubrication of the tapered collet surface is recommended for best performance.

Field Repairable
Should a repair be necessary, RAD’s Collet Gripper can be repaired in the field to minimize downtime. Most replacement parts are available the same day, to be shipped from our facility.


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