The following options are available to optimize RAD’s Pneumatic Collet Gripper for your particular environment or application:

Sensors are available for RAD’s 5C Collet Gripper models. The sensor option requires a magnetic piston cylinder which slightly increases the unit’s overall height and weight.

Viton Seals
Viton seals are available when the Collet Gripper will be used in a harsh environment. Viton seals are designed for high temperature environments (up to 400ºF / 204ºC) and are resistant to many hostile fluids.

Adapter Plates
Plates used to connect RAD’s Collet Grippers to the robot can be provided to help you easily install your new gripper.

Robot Collision Sensors
RAD’s Robotic Collision Sensors stop the robot and absorb the crash energy in order to protect your valuable tooling in the event of a collision.

Robotic Tool Changers
Automatic Robotic Tool Changers allow you to maximize the productivity of your robot by enabling it to perform multiple operations without human intervention.

Robot Compliance Devices
RAD’s Pneumatic Compliance Devices compensates for both lateral and rotational misalignment. They offers ± 5º rotation and ± 0.10″ (2.54mm) lateral movement in any direction.


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