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RAD is a world-wide leader in the manufacture of high quality robotic and automation tooling solutions. We strive to invent exciting, useful products and technologies that solve automation challenges while making your environment more productive. RAD has been a trusted source for innovative, practical, well-engineered solutions and outstanding service for over 25 years.

RAD Robot Arm Collision Sensor

Collision Sensors

Robotic Collision Sensors mechanically detect when the robot arm* has encountered an obstruction, absorb the crash energy and quickly stop the robot to prevent costly damage to the robot arm and tooling.

Compliance Devices

Robotic Compliance Devices (Alignment Devices) compensate for fixture misalignments, positioning errors, shifting parts, and/or variances in part tolerances by providing the robot arm* with a little ‘give’ so production continues uninterrupted.

Deburring Tools

RAD Compliant Deburring Tools enable your robot or automated system to economically and consistently: deburr, degate, deflash, chamfer, brush, finish and grind.

RAD Robot Gripper


All RAD robotic grippers are pneumatic and use parallel motion to enable you to effectively grip, manipulate, and place objects in your automated manufacturing process. All RAD robot grippers are designed to be extremely durable for maximum life.

Automatic Changers

RAD Automatic Robotic Tool Changers are flexible, offering the ability to use more than one robotic end-effector efficiently in an application.

Our solutions are used in a variety of industries including medical, aerospace, manufacturing, automotive, defense and energy. RAD products can operate on a robot wrist, linear actuator, gantry, plasma cutter, laser cutter, pick & place machine or other automated equipment. Our end effector line includes Collision Sensors, Compliance Devices (Alignment Devices), Finishing & Deburring Tools, Grippers, and Automatic Tool Changers


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