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RAD would be pleased to assist you in sizing your application to determine the most effective Automatic Tool Changer to meet your needs. If you would like assistance working through the guidelines below, please call us at (937) 667-5705 or e-mail us at

Moment capacity is the most critical factor in selecting the proper tool changer model. Please follow the guidelines below to choose the best-performing tool changer for your application.

If moment is low or moderate:

  • Select a Tool Changer model with a payload rating similar to the robot it will be mounted on.

If moment is high or you prefer a more exact selection method:

  • Calculate the worst-case moment for your application by:
    • Finding the approximate center-of-gravity (CG) of your heaviest end-effector
    • Calculating the distance (D) from the CG to the bottom of the tool plate
    • Calculating the weight (W) of the heaviest end-effector
    • Multiplying (W) times (D) to get an approximate static moment (M) (or a moment based on 1G of acceleration)

Select a Tool Changer with a moment capacity equal to or greater than (M).

Note: Robots may produce moments two to three times higher than (M) due to their potentially high acceleration. RAD’s Robotic Tool Changer models, specified with a moment capacity of (M), are designed to handle dynamic moments that are three times higher than (M).

Special Considerations:
* If your application requires numerous pneumatic lines or electrical contacts, a larger Tool Changer than that calculated above may be required. Larger Tool Changer models have larger and more numerous pneumatic ports and electrical contacts.

* If your application requires high repeatability, be sure the Tool Changer model you choose meets those repeatability requirements. RAD’s Automatic Tool Changers offer repeatability between 0.0004″ and 0.0006″ (0.010mm and 0.015mm) depending on model

A tool changer affects robot moment capacity, payload, size and repeatability.

NOTE: Can also be used on CNC machines, gantry systems, and pick & place devices.


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