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Pneumatic Spring-Assist - Collision Sensors - RAD The Robotic Accessories Leader

When overall tooling payload is a concern in your larger robotic applications RAD’s NEW Spring-Assist Collision Sensor can help! The U-4622-SA offers nearly double the payload of our standard model with no increase in size and an overall mass of only 13.5lbs!More Information

RAD Collision Sensors provide crash protection and increased safety by mechanically detecting when the robot arm has encountered an obstruction, absorbing the crash energy and quickly signaling the robot to stop - thus preventing costly damage to your equipment and tooling.

To see all RAD's Collision Sensors – including the NEW Spring-Assist Model - please join us in booth #36043 at the FABTECH/AWS Show where we will be demonstrating RAD end-effectors on a Denso robot integrated by PECo! For a free ticket, compliments of RAD, please click the image below.