June 22, 2020

When choosing a robotic gripper for your automation needs, your best choice all depends on your application. There are a range of End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) devices that may work for your process, but that doesn’t mean that every tool will be the most advantageous.

At RAD, our complete line of grippers covers all your automation specifications. No matter what your needs are, we have the make and model to meet them with our industry-leading products. All of our grippers are designed with maximum durability to last.

We offer 2-jaw, 3-jaw, and collet robotic grippers for your applications. But what are the different uses for these grippers and their particular features?

2-Jaw Grippers: Best for Consistent Processes 

2 Jaw GripperExcellent for items with flat surfaces, 2-jaw grippers are an affordable, dependable choice that work with a wide range of applications. Our 2-jaw parallel grippers are incredibly versatile and we have models designed for use in dirty or harsh environments.

With two points providing even pressure on the item for increased stability, 2-jaw grippers are best for parts that are all similarly sized. However, 2-jaw grippers may not be your ideal choice for fragile items.

With adapter plates for easy installation, 2-jaw grippers can be customized for your manufacturing process, whether you need to grip items from the side or top.

3-Jaw Grippers: For Larger or Irregular Parts

3 Jaw GripperDesigned to carry larger objects than 2-jaw grippers, 3-jaw grippers do well with irregularly-shaped parts, as the three points that touch the part self-adjust to the shape. It’s important to know that 3-jaw grippers can only grip parts axially, and they put even pressure on each point for increased stability.

With better centering and a secure grip, 3-jaw grippers provide accurate performance and can be great options for cylindrical or even surfaces. Like 2-jaw grippers, be cautious when choosing these for delicate parts.

All of our 3-jaw grippers at RAD work well in harsh environments and are one of our most popular designs for a variety of automation processes!

Collet Grippers: Best for Delicate or Similarly-Sized Parts

GripperCollet grippers deliver high-speed performance for parts of consistent shape and size. Providing 360 contact with even pressure, these robotic grippers are an excellent choice for delicate parts.

Adjustable to fit different-sized parts for various applications, collet grippers provide flexibility, but are ideal for parts that have tight tolerances. Easy to change out for maintenance and even field reparable, collet grippers can help reduce downtime.

With their centering capabilities, collet grippers are also an excellent EOAT device for deburring parts or polishing parts. Collet grippers can also work well with cylindrical parts, just as long as part shape and size are consistent.

Why RAD?

At RAD, our robotic grippers are designed to outperform and outlast. You won’t have to change your gripper for many years, even if it’s operating in a challenging environment.

We have a model to fit your specific automation process, and we never receive returns or complaints because our products deliver maximum performance and longevity. We also offer a two-day lead time on orders, which you won’t find anywhere else.

Looking for the right robotic gripper for your applications? We can help you select the right tool for years of reliable performance in your automation lineup at RAD!

November 28, 2019

Robotic grippers support a diverse range of automation solutions which is why there are different types. Grippers allow the machine to grab, hold, or move an object, similarly to how a human hand works. There are different sizes and styles which can be applied for your particular application.

Two of these options include 2-jaw and 3-jaw grippers. Their differences matter in regards to what they’re being used for, but each provides its own benefits for a variety of functions. Here are the differences between a 2-jaw and 3-jaw end of your arm robotic gripper.

A 2-Jaw Gripper Offers Affordability and Ease of Automation

2 Jaw GripperOne of the most popular styles for automation processes, all styles of 2-jaw grippers provide two different locations where the “fingers” of the gripper touch the item that needs to be manipulated. The gripper closes in towards the center, allowing it to be adapted to the particular shape of an object and providing equal amounts of force for stability.

2-jaw grippers are simple enough to apply to automated processes in which consistency is key, but they’re also useful across a wide range of tasks. 2-jaw grippers offer affordable solutions for people who need simple yet dependable grippers for their machines.


3-Jaw Grippers Provide More Reliability and Accuracy

3 Jaw GripperInstead of having two locations where the end of the gripper touches the object, there are three in 3-jaw grippers. Having another “finger” to support the movement of the object allows the object to be moved more accurately, and provides better centering. Its parts move together to provide the most secure grip on an item.

What this means is that 3-jaw grippers provide more flexibility, and the gripper can even adjust itself to the specific shape of the component being grasped. In addition to its reliability and accuracy, 3-jaw grippers can carry larger objects in comparison to its structure than 2-jaw grippers.

Your Choice Depends on Your Specific Application

Whether your choose a 2-jaw or a 3-jaw gripper for the end of your robotic arm really depends on what particular application you need them for. In some situations, a 2-jaw gripper will work fine, but in others, a 3-jaw gripper would prove to be a better investment.

RAD provides both 2- and 3-jaw grippers that are operated by air pressure which allows them to securely grip and provide simultaneous movement. Our grippers deliver on the reliability and cost-efficiency you need to support your automation processes!


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