July 21, 2020

Your end of arm tooling (EOAT), designed to attach to the end of your robot, connects your machine to your automation needs. EOAT gives automation machines their function, allowing your business to increase production while lowering costs and downtime with the right tools.

But choosing the right EOAT is a pivotal decision. Tooling such as robotic grippers, tool changers, and deburring devices all have different roles in automation. Which device you choose all depends on what processes and components you need them for.

Here are some tips for choosing the best robotic end of arm tooling to support optimal function and productivity!

Know Your Automation Needs

Deburring ToolEOAT has many functions in automation, but in order to identify the right device for your needs, you’ll need to look at the product being handled, the speed at which you need it transferred, and even space requirements. The components being handled by your EOAT are important too—are they fragile, irregular shapes, or large?

All these considerations will factor into which tool you choose. At RAD, we have a range of models to cover all requirements for your automation needs, regardless of your specifications. Even if you have a manufacturing environment with extreme dirt and dust, our equipment is designed to last many years even in harsh settings.

Consider Pneumatic EOAT

There are different types of EOAT and they can be powered differently as well. For example, electric and hydraulic grippers are two choices, but they may not be ideal for every setting.

Hydraulic grippers or EOAT can’t be used for automation in the food industry, because they can leak and contaminate food items. Electric grippers are often more costly and don’t provide as much power. They also tend to wear out faster, leading to increased downtime and reduced reliability.

Pneumatic grippers are ideal for a variety of applications, even in diverse settings. They provide a lot of power for their size and are highly efficient. They’re simple to swap out for maintenance, long-lasting, and deliver consistent power. All of our grippers at RAD are pneumatic.

Evaluate the Shape and Size of Your Parts

2 Jaw GripperThe size and shape of the items you need your EOAT to manipulate and transport is a huge factor in your decision-making process. Parts of different shapes, sizes, and fragility have different considerations when it comes to your robotic tooling.

For example:

  • 2-jaw grippers are best for parts of a consistent shape and size with flat surfaces and without fragility concerns.

  • 3-jaw grippers provide more flexibility as they can accommodate parts of different sizes and are ideal for parts with cylindrical surfaces.

  • Collet grippers are also good choices for cylindrical parts or delicate parts.

At RAD, we also offer deburring EOAT to help you polish parts, and automatic tool changers, which keep your machinery efficient even when you need to change out tooling. You can maximum uptime and reduce the need for on-site labor and maintenance with our devices for your robots!

Let Us Help You Find the Right Component

Once you know what your automation setup needs to properly function, choosing the best EOAT is easier. RAD’s EOAT is an investment into your automation that lasts many years, even in challenging environments. Let us help you identify the right tooling for your robotics to boost productivity and keep your automation setup profitable. Contact us at (937) 667-5705!


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